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W6D Specifications


Force and Torque Capability
Force Enabled Axes (6) X,Y,Z,Roll,Pitch,Yaw
- Optional as (5) with passive Yaw
Continuous Force 1.41 N (X,Y,Z)
38 N.mm (Roll,Pitch,Yaw)
Peak Force 4.04 N (X,Y,Z)
112 N.mm (Roll,Pitch,Yaw)
Sensing, Resolution and Workspace
Sense Enabled Axes (6) X,Y,Z,Roll,Pitch,Yaw
Position Resolution 0.02 mm (X,Y,Z)
0.021 deg (Roll,Pitch)
0.25 deg (Yaw)
Workspace 135 mm (X)
150 mm (Y)
150 mm (Z)
+/-50 deg (Roll)
+/-50 deg (Pitch)
Continuous (Yaw)
Stiffness 10 N/mm (X,Y,Z)
Backdrive Friction 0.005 N (X,Y,Z)
Perceived Mass (at handle) 42g
Interfacing and Controls
Communication UDP via Ethernet.
Embedded Controller Gumstix Overo based embedded system running Linux OS and open source firmware.
API Open Source API for Windows
Total Size 240 mm (Wide)
170 mm (Deep)
350 mm (Tall)
Total Mass 5.9 Kg

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Entact Robotics offers custom haptic and robotic devices for research & development in the education, innovation and medical industries. We combine expertise in haptics, manufacturing and product development.

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